Welcome to Gemawy, here you will find demonstration on how Gemawy works.

To build a cool community we developed this system, it's very simple and organized we highly recommend to read this page before using Gemawy, and if there is still questions in your head hope you find answers in the FAQ section . If this page didn't help you, don't hesitate to contact us through support page.

It's important to read all Gemawy's Terms and Conditons before using Gemawy.

Add Your Game From Our List

Gemawy has listings for every popupular game you can imagine, so you can easliy select the game you would like to publish and get your game listed for sale quickly to everyone.

Follow The Rules

Gemawy is your community. To build excellent trust, we have a few rules in place, do not spam and do not break any of the rules. Be friendly. Help us to make Gemawy better every day.

When You Buy A Game

You are making a commitment, prices are final! Think before you submit a buy request. The game you submit to will be hidden from our listings temporarily, until you close the trade. So contact your seller quickly to complete your trade.

Finish Your Trade

After the trade is completed and you bought/sold your game, go back to your account and click Done on (My Order/ Received Request) page. This will keep Gemawy fresh and updated.

Your Ad Has An Expiration Date

Each ad you publish will expire after one month.If you want to Re-publish your Ad contact us through the chat widget.

gemawy is your home

We are always here for you. Don't hasitate to tell us your issue to fix it quickly and make you experience better, and if you have any ideas please contact us and help us to make your home more comfortable for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Gemawy has listed most of the common games on the market, if you didn’t find your game tell us what you missed through our support chat widget, we will add it right away.

If you a buyer you will go to "My Orders" page and click Done button to finish the trade. If you are a seller you will do the same on "Received requests" page. keeping Gemawy updated with the trade status is very important to help us with our jobs, and to keep improving Gemawy.

When you post an ad you game will be listed under the game’s page, when you go to your ad page you will see your number but the others will see Buy button, your number will be hidden from them until they click buy and confirms. After the buyer sees your number the game status will change from Published > Applied, this is will allow only you and the buyer to see the ad. You will be able to see the buyer details on the “Received requests” page, and there you will manage the trade. You can call him and hustle with the trade, and if you want for any reason to get your game back into the listing just click cancel and the ad will be available to everyone to buy again.

When you click buy on any user ad this will reserve the game for you, no other users can contact the seller, so harry up complete the trade with him. You will find your request the game on your Account under My Orders tab, this where you will manage the trade. If you tried to call the seller and there is no contact with him you can cancel the game request and you will be able now to make another order from a different seller.

The Arabic version of Gemawy is under developing, if you find anything hard for you just contact us through the chat widget.

You can logout of your account from your Account page.

This means that you are holding a buy order and haven't finished it yet. Go to your Account > My Orders : then click Done on any Pending orders

This means only one thing: Your ad has expired. Check the ad Added on date. any ad will expire in one month (30 days).